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«Currency advisor»

Advantages of the service:

time on finding time on finding
on salaries of specialized professionals
of a highly qualified consultation
online and telephone consultation
Три години на перевірку

We provide the services:

Currency transactions
export/import, buy/sell, crediting/debiting of the foreign currency
Cheking of the contract
with the provision of recommendations on foreign exchange legislation

Checking the
package of documents

for FEA agreement
to the draft agreement for FEA and a package of documents to it
and filling out of a draft invoice for the contract
on non-standard issues and financial monitoring

The term of a consultation provision

1 working day
The minimum term for providing consultation
2 working days
The maximum term for providing consultation
The term for providing consultatio must be agreed with the customer
If necessary, after providing a consultation, the request is additionally finalized

Conditions for receiving

Free of charge
consultations for the bank customers, as it is included in the price of the tariff package
consultations for the bank customers from 250.00 UAH and above (depending on the level of complexity)
Free of charge
for potential customers
Get a consultation
To get a consultation

«Currency trading»

The service is provided:

For PUMB corporate customers, legal entities and entrepreneurs.
For operations on buying/selling currency USD/EUR/RUB. The minimum order amount is from 100.00 USD (equivalent). At the rate of the bank.
No conversion, mandatory sale and advance payment services.
Вибирайте курс валюти

How "Currency trading" service works

On the day of trading (after registration of the application) you receive SMS* with information:

  • information on the application
  • market rate
  • trading time
  • confirmation code
Are you satisfied with the exchange rate?

1. Send an SMS* with the specified code

2. The application is executed

Are you unsatisfied with the exchange rate?

1. Wait for the next exchange rate (changes every hour), or

2. The application is automatically transferred to the next day


*SMS-messages are received to the short number "8008". Sending an SMS-message to subscribers of national GSM operators is free of charge. Self-approval of a new exchange rate offered by the bank at your request every hour* will be sent in messages to your phone. You decide whether to agree or not. Funds will be in your account within a few minutes after you confirm the exchange rate.

Algorithm for connecting
"Currency trading" service

A customer of PUMB
  • Read the agreement and sign an application for connecting the service
  • Send the request to your manager in a convenient way
A new customer of PUMB
  • Fill out the application on the website
  • Expect communication with the bank manager and the service activationючення послуги
  • Connection and maintenance of the service are included in the cost of servicing accounts in foreign currency.

  • The cost of messages when approving the buy and sell of currency is included in the cost of maintaining an account in a foreign currency.

Choose your own channel for receiving the exchange rate:

The channel change occurs the next day after sending the corresponding text.

I send the text "SMS"
to 8008

to 8008


Approve the exchange rate by yourself
Узгоджуйте самостійно курс

The loyalty program

  • Convenient exchange rate

    You get the best loyalty program rate depending on the volume of transactions in the last month.

  • Bonuses for the number of operations

    The more currency transactions in the last month, the better the exchange rate today!

  • Beneficial for business
    "Loyalty" program is provided to all small and medium-sized business customers who are connected to the "Currency Trading" service.