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For the quarantine period, the bank
cancels the fee for payments
in the national currency.

Take care of yourself and minimize
your expenses with PUMB.

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Choose comfortable
business conditions

The new tariff packages

More details

Tariff package "Coder"

for Freelancers and IT specialists

Enjoy the whole month
without a monthly fee

Any tariff package for business



When business requires quick decisions

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Do business, and the bank
will solve your issues

assistance in legal, accounting
and foreign economic issues

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Receive funds upon shipment of goods

Choose factoring from PUMB

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Round-the-clock payments
for corporate clients


More than 57 000 corporate clients
More than 192 departments in Ukraine
More than 28 years of a stable work
40 companies from Top-100 of clients
Own processing center

Your bank is always close

  • In Your tablet and smartphone

  • In laptop or PC

    • Managed accounts remotely 24/7
    • Sign and monitor transactions in foreign currency
    • Pay the salaries, allowances and bonuses 
    • Work with local and foreign currencies online
    • Manage applications of letter of credit and guarantees
    • Form and view the statements on the cards
    • Manage salary project and others