You deliver goods and services on a deferred payment basis.


Do not limit your possibilities, use factoring from FUIB Bank and get:

  • Funds immediately upon delivery of goods/performance of work;
  • The decision on financing within 1 day;
  •  Transparent pricing, no hidden fees.

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Factoring is a set of financial services for manufacturers and suppliers conducting trading activities on a deferred payment basis.


The advantages of factoring from FUIB:

  • Without collateral and surety;
  • Simplified financial and economic analysis of the Supplier;
  • The minimum package of documents.

Factoring financing terms:

  • Factoring limit – depends on the volume of deliveries to the Buyer;
  • The currency of financing – hryvnia;
  • Financing term – up to 18 months (with the possibility of prolongation)
  • Maximum deferred payment period – up to 240 c.d.

You can choose:

  • Factoring with recourse –  financing of the Client (supplier) by transfer of the Factor (FUIB) of the monetary claim right to the Debtor (buyer) under the contract.In this case, the Client acts as a guarantor to the Bank for the performance of the debtor's monetary obligations.
  • Factoring without recourse  – financing of the Client (supplier) by redemption from him by the Factor (FUIB) of the monetary claim right to the Debtor (buyer) under the contract. Moreover, the Client is not responsible to the Bank for the completeness and timeliness of payments by the Debtor.

How does factoring work?


FUIB is a reliable partner

  • TOP-1 in terms of factoring with a market share of 50%
  • 40 of 100 largest companies in Ukraine trust us

The possibility of remote signing of documents to establish a factoring limit and further financing has been implemented.

Documents for setting a factoring limit