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Pay salary with PUMB

PUMB is a bank specializing in servicing payroll clients. Get profitable benefits for your company and for each employee personally


Payroll crediting to employees' cards

0 hryvnia/year

servicing your employees' cards

1 hour

maximum payroll time

Benefits of the salary project

For heads and accountants of enterprises

Saving time for paying salaries
Convenient and modern Internet-banking
Personal manager within the framework of the salary project
Opening accounts for employees
  • Issue of salary cards without additional costs
  • Opening accounts for employees based on the received register
  • Determination of an optimal branch for servicing
  • Possibility of the arrival of the bank employee to issue cards
Online payroll
  • Formation of data and payroll, allowances or bonuses to employees
  • Prompt tracking of the status of documents
  • Automatic generation of payment orders when creating a statement
  • Ability to integrate with the ERP-system of the Organization for the automated sending of payroll

It is easy to draw up a salary project

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Application submission
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    Submit your application

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    Take a call from a PUMB manager

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    Conclude a contract

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    Connect to the "Client-Bank" system

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    Provide the PUMB manager with a register for opening accounts

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    Provide the PUMB manager with a payroll sheet

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    Opening accounts by a PUMB manager and issuing cards for employees

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    Issuance of cards to employees by a PUMB manager

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    Crediting salary to the card

Drawing up of a salary project

Please, fill out the application – and a PUMB manager will contact you for further connection to the salary project.

Terms of service

Order and use cards in the app.

For employees
vsekarta image vsekarta image


  • 0 hryvnia/year for opening and servicing

  • 0% for replenishment in any way (commission of another bank is possible)

  • 0% cash withdrawal at all ATMs of Ukraine

  • 0% — transfers to cards of all banks of Ukraine using PUMB Online

  • Internet banking 24/7

For heads
platinum card image platinum card image


  • 0 hryvnia/year for opening and servicing

  • 0% for replenishment in any way (commission of another bank is possible)

  • 0% cash withdrawal at all ATMs of Ukraine

  • 0% — transfers to cards of all banks of Ukraine using PUMB Online

  • Internet banking 24/7

  • Platinum cards opening

  • Premium services from Visa and Mastercard

As well as the «Black Platinum» and «Premiere» service packages

PUMB is worried about the safety of your funds; therefore it recommends you to familiarize yourself with the rules that will help to protect money from fraudsters.
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We answer your questions

The list of tariff packages in which the crediting of funds within the framework of the salary project is included in the cost of the monthly commission for settlement and cash services:

  - TP “vseMINIMUM”

  - TP “vseOPTIMUM”

  - TP “vsePREMIUM”

  - TP “CODER”

  - TP “RAZOM 30”

In other tariff packages and primary conditions, the commission from 0 to 0.5% is set in accordance with the salary project agreement. 

How can I transfer a salary?

To transfer the salary using “Corporate Internet-banking", you must create a statement. Payment orders for the amount of salary, commission, as well as the necessary payment to the budget are generated automatically.

How quickly do you credit the salary?

We credit the salary online, immediately after submitting the statement and payment. Anytime!

Our employees already have cards from other banks. It is difficult to collect documents.

We can arrange the issuance of salary cards at the territory of the enterprise on the appointed day, or your employees can come to any branch at a convenient time.

If I have questions or a problem, who should I contact?

Each salary project is assigned a personal manager who can be contacted. If you have any questions during the credit of the money, our managers will call your accountant themselves.

Can only salary be credited to the card opened within the framework of the salary project?

The account can be used not only to receive salaries, travel allowances, material assistance from the employing organization but also for other payments and accruals permitted by the current legislation of Ukraine.

How much does payroll card service cost?

Opening and servicing salary cards are without additional costs.

How to get a salary card
  • get an instant card at the nearest branch if you apply yourself according to the register provided by the employer, we will open the card and inform you that the card is ready.
What documents are needed to open a salary card for an employee?

- in case of self-application to a branch: TIN and passport document;

- when opening accounts by a legal entity in favor of its employees: the Bank opens current accounts for individuals to make certain types of payments (wages, dividends, scholarships, pensions, social assistance, a refund of overpaid amounts, other payments) at the request of a business entity that concludes an agreement with the Bank on opening current accounts in favor of individuals. A business entity submits the following documents to the Bank to open accounts for individuals through his representative:

1) application for opening current accounts in favor of individuals;

2) a list of individuals in whose favor accounts are opened, indicating the identification data of these persons.

Where can I withdraw money? And what is the commission?

Withdraw cash without additional fees at any ATM in Ukraine.

Are there limits for withdrawals from ATMs of other banks?

We do not set limits on withdrawals from ATMs of other banks. The restriction can be set by another bank.

How can I reissue the card in case of loss or when it was seized by a cash machine?

At the nearest branch of the Bank or during a scheduled, working visit of a Bank employee to the company.

Is the Internet-banking convenient?

There is no need to look for branches or ATMs – whole banking is in your smartphone 24/7. You can control how much funds are left on the card, as well as see the history of transactions: how much money you received on the card or when and how much you spent. Make transfers, open deposits, exchange currencies, and many more other quick operations.

How about paying utility bills and topping up a mobile account?

No commission. Utility bills and mobile top-up are without commission in PUMB Online anywhere 24/7 from your smartphone.

Is it possible to exchange currency online?

YES. In PUMB Online you can buy/sell currency freely and without commissions. Available: dollar, euro, Polish zloty.