"Standart with replenishment" deposit

A strong deposit to save and accumulate your funds
"Standart with replenishment" deposit

"Standart with replenishment" deposit

A strong deposit to save and accumulate your funds
Minimum amount
10 000 UAH
up to 10%
Interest payment
monthly or at the end of the contract

*The minimum replenishment amount is 10,000 UAH/1000 USD/1000 EUR

Our managers will help you with the choice of a deposit
Your name

Interest rates

provided that funds are actually available in the account within 30 days:
Minimum amount
10 000

The deposit term

Amount reduction
Not provided
Increase the amount
provided for an unlimited number of times, the last increase is carried out no later than a month before the expiration of the deposit agreement
are fixed for a term that does not exceed the term of placement of the principal sum of the deposit

FUIB is a reliable bank for saving your savings

For over 30 years
we have never canceled the payment of deposits or any other payments
One of 4 banks,
authorized to store cash reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine
83%1 of clients
resubmit their deposits at FUIB
FUIB is in the TOP-52 banks in terms of the size of the deposit portfolio of individuals in UAH
Over 715 million UAH
In 12 months of 2022, FUIB paid out more than 715 million UAH as an agent bank of the Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund. In general, since 2015, the bank, as an agent of the FGVFD, has made payments in the amount of more than 6 billion UAH.
Reliable bank
FUIB takes 7th place3 in the ranking of the most reliable banks in the country
1According to the results of 2022, according to the bank's official statistics.
2 Information as of 01.01.2023, according to statistical data of the NBU official website.
3 New Time magazine together with Dragon Capital investment company (April 2019).