Defense Tech

Defense Tech

FUIB offers comfortable service conditions for Defense Tech customers.

We accompany and support you at all stages:

  • a single channel of entry to the Bank (the person responsible for Defense Tech)
  • speeding up and solving problems when opening accounts
  • financial monitoring with industry specialisation
  • currency control under contracts
  • purchasing and selling foreign currency

Banking products for Defense Tech customers


Do not limit your possibilities, use factoring from FUIB Bank and get:

  • Funds immediately upon delivery of goods/performance of work
  • The decision on financing within 1 day
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden fees
Documentary operations
Documentary operations

Choosing documentary operations from FUIB, you obtain:

  • Minimize the risks of trade operations
  • Favorable terms of cooperation
  • Confidence in result
  • Support of internal and external economic activities
Currency advisor
Currency advisor

Highly qualified services from the Bank's experts on FEA:

  • Consultations regarding foreign currency operations

  • Checking and editing the FEA contract
  • Purchase and transfer of foreign currency within one banking day
Depositing funds
Depositing funds

Optimal solutions for obtaining income from the depositing of temporarily free funds: 

  • Profit account – accrual of interest on current account balances

  • Flexible deposit – placement of parallel tranches (agreements) at any time and with any urgency

  • Overdraft limit - up to 30% of the amount of average monthly income on current accounts
  • The term of the agreement is up to 36 months


Contract financing
Contract financing
  • Credit amount - up to 70% of the contract amount
  • We provide loans for the purchase of goods and materials, payment for services, and other customer expenses for the manufacture/purchase of products
  • Contract term - up to 36 months
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