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  • Online loan for business. Without collateral and surety.
  • Only for private individuals with an open current account with FUIB.
  • The bank independently calculates the credit limit, which is reflected in the client-bank Digital Business
One-time commission
up to 1%
Monthly commission
from 1,5%
Loan amount
up to 500 000 UAH
Loan term
12, 18, 24 mo.

Advantages of the loan

The Bank will calculate the limit for you independently
Without paper and stamps
Simple registration in a client-bank, like making a payment
Credit funds are in your account immediately after signing the agreement
Early repayment without additional fees and at any time

Main questions

  • It is the loan for any needs of your business, which is issued to the current account of a natural person-entrepreneur in PUMB.

    • Loan amount – from 40,000 to 500,000 hryvnias.
    • Loan term – 12, 18, or 24 months.
    • Interest rate – 0.00001% per annum.
    • One-time fee – 1%. One-time from the loan amount.
    • Monthly fee – from 1.5% of the loan amount.
    • Repayment schedule – monthly in equal installments.
    • Penalty – 5% of the amount of late payment, starting from the 6th day of delay.
  • A PUMB customer can apply for the loan in the DIGITAL PUMB account, who has a credit limit approved by the Bank:

    • log in to the DIGITAL PUMB account;
    • when the calculated limit appears, you will see it in the "Loans" section and on the main page of the DIGITAL PUMB account;
    • click on the banner with the approved limit;
    • select the desired loan amount within the limit and term;
    • read and sign the QES Bank PUMB loan agreement;
    • wait for SMS-informing about crediting funds to your account;
    • the current loan will be displayed in the "Loans" menu in the DIGITAL PUMB account.

    You can get acquainted with the DEMO-version of loan processing here.

    • The date of the next payment and the amount are reflected in the DIGITAL PUMB account.
    • You can pay on loan to the account for repayment of debt obligations, which is indicated in the DIGITAL PUMB account or the Loan agreement.
    • To do this, you need to draw up a payment order to transfer funds from your current account to an account to pay off debt obligations.
    • Early repayment without additional fees and at any time. In the case of full early repayment, only the scheduled monthly commission for the current month in which the repayment takes place is paid.
    • In the future, the functionality of loan repayment will appear directly in the "Loans" menu in the DIGITAL PUMB account.

    The detailed instruction for repaying the payment on schedule and in case of early repayment