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for NPE

Online, no paper documents, no collateral and surety.

One-time commission
1% of the loan
Monthly commission
1,4% of the amount
Loan amount
500 000 UAH
Loan term

Calculate the total cost of the loan

from 50 000 UAH
to 500 000 UAH
12 months
18 months
24 months
Get a loan
Your monthly payment

3579 UAH

One-time commission

1000 UAH

The total cost of the loan
116 800 UAH

Important! The amount of calculations
is approximate.

Advantages of the loan

Online solution
Without paper and stamps
Simple registration in a client-bank, like making a payment
Loan funds are in your account immediately after signing the agreement
Early repayment without additional fees and at any time
Basic loan conditions

NPE borrower

a borrower age – 23-65 years old

Business experience

at least 12 months

Without collateral and surety

issuing a loan to the current account of an NPE in PUMB

Main questions

  • You can apply for a loan in the DIGITAL PUMB account. For PUMB customers only.

  • You can borrow in parts within the limit, the minimum loan amount is 50,000 UAH. Each loan is drawn up by signing a separate loan agreement.

  • No. The limit amount is the maximum for a loan and can be revised by the Bank centrally once every 30 days.

  • No documents are required to apply for a loan.

  • No, the signing of an agreement is possible only by the CES of PUMB bank.

  • You can get the CES upon application at the Bank's branch.

  • The issued loan is displayed in the "Loans" menu. Also, you will be informed about the receipt of funds using SMS-informing.

  • The account will be credited with the amount minus a one-time commission (if any).

  • Payment of the loan is carried out on account of debt repayment (account 2909). In the DIGITAL PUMB account, repay the loan and account number 2909.

  • Yes. Loan repayment ahead of schedule without penalties and additional fees.

  • The amount for full repayment is reflected in the DIGITAL PUMB account.