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Use the services of the bank 24/7

  • Manage Your business remotely with Internet-banking FUIB Online Corporate
  • Make payments to Your counterparties in FUIB 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays
  • Control the status of Your accounts with the service SMS-banking
  • Get cash at the cash desk of the bank without using a cash check with the “Electronic check” service.

Your bank is always online

  • Convenient

  • Safe Online

  • Mobile

  • Always online
    • Java FREE - work in the system from any browser
    • Perform operations from anywhere in the world and monitor funds in 24/7 mode
    • Make payments between FUIB accounts around the clock, including weekends and holidays
    • Manage all accounts of a group of clients in the «Corporation» mode
    • Pay wages
    • Customize sign-up schemes for Your needs
    • Control the flow of funds through a detailed SMS
  • Always online
    • «Online EDS» - an electronic digital signature is stored on the server of the bank
    • Automatic verification of the counterparty at the time of payment
    • Ability to bind an account to an IP address
    • Multi-level document signing scheme
    • Ability to administer access rights on the client side
    • Thawte SSL certificate, https data link encryption
  • Always online
    • Take advantage of Internet-banking on Your tablet or phone through the Android app
    • Use the payment templates pre-created in the web-version of the system in the mobile application
    • Keep track of document status and account balances
    • Control the flow of funds through a detailed SMS
Everything at once

Online system which does not require installation on a PC

Integration with 1C and SAP

Extracts with digital signature

Demo version

For acquaintance with the basic features and advantages of the system You can use demo version


Get information about the status and flow on the account in the SMS-messages on the mobile phone.
"Advanced SMS-banking" allows You to receive comprehensive information about the movement on the account, including the name of a counterparty and the purpose of payment..

Notification settings for Yourself

  • the time of SMS-messages receipt
  • maximum/minimum amount of the transaction which must be reported
Electronic check
  • Save time ordering cash through PUMB Online Corporate.
  • Errors in filling out, reissuing a cash check and, as a result, postponement of operations “already in history”.
  • Determine the amount of cash, the day and time of the desired visit to the bank cash desk in advance, without physical contact with the bank.

How does it work? Only 3 actions:

 1. Fill out the cash Application in accordance with the pattern

 2. Send in the “Client-Bank” system

 3. On the selected day and time, come to the bank cash desk and get cash. You only need to have a passport with You.

We answer Your questions
How much do Internet and SMS-banking cost?

Internet and SMS-banking services are already included in all tariff packages and they are not paid additionally.