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Працюємо для вас

Safe and simple dealing with cash

  • Accept the payment for goods and services via the bank's cash office
  • Replenish the account and corporate card via the terminals
  • Carry the valuables safely
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Withdraw cash is profitable

for the amount

up to UAH 10 000

more than UAH 10 000



cash office

Your tariff



I want cheaper!

Order from Your transaction officer the card Mastercard Debit Business Standard ChipCard and withdraw from 50,000 UAH at the box office at 0.5%.


Replenish Your account wisely

for the amount

up to UAH 10 000 

up to UAH 100 000 



self-service terminal

cash office


Your tariff



UAH 1500 per month
for an object

Accept the payment via a cash office of the bank

Daily enrollement of the incoming cash

The receipt for the payer with the signature and stamp of the bank

The register of accepted payments for You

Robbery becomes meaningless

Encashment of cash and other valuables

Delivery of cash with FUIB to an office according to Your request 

Delivery of salary for the employees of Your company

Encashment of self-service terminals (machines for receiving the payments)

Transportation and enrollment of funds to Your current account at FUIB or another bank

With daily revenue from UAH 50,000 is cheaper than carry by Yourself


Learn more at first hand:

Andrei Bodyan
Encashment management

Tel.: (044)2317199
Mob.: + 38(050)4721644

We answer Your questions
What should I do to start accepting the payments from my clients via the cash office of the bank?

Contact the nearest department of FUIB and draw up an agreement to receive the cash payments.

Where can my clients make payment?

At any FUIB department, where there is a cash office.

What goods and services, and what currency can the bank accept the payment?

The payment is accepted for all types of goods and services, which are not prohibited by the current legislation. Payment for goods and services is possible exceptionally in national currency.

What commission is provided for deposits via self-service terminal of FUIB

Account replenishment at the terminal - 0%.