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Conduct Your business confidently

With overdraft to the current account

  • provide the daily cash requirements
  • including the expenses for credit registration in the amount of financing
  • possible pledge of goods in circulation
You can get the financing



Fee for setting of a limit


Annual rate 

from 12%

Format of financing  

(setting of a debit balance limit for the client's account)


to 12 months 

Period of continuous use 

to 265 days


Optional: may be unsecured or with incomplete coverage of the loan security (depends on the financial condition of the customer).
Real estate, vehicles, equipment, property rights to deposit, a guarantee of business owners.

FUIB is a reliable partner

top 5 banks by volume of documentary operations

40 of 100 largest companies in Ukraine trust us

more than 15 years at leading positions in documentary business

We answer Your questions
What does overdraft mean?

Overdraft - a type of financing that meets the needs of Your company in working capital, for example, to pay the salaries of employees, pay taxes, pay for goods or implement other urgent payments.

What currency is overdraft set?

Overdraft is set in the national currency.

Is provision required for the issue of overdraft?

The overdraft limit can be set without security or with incomplete coverage of the limit (depending on the client's financial condition).

Do I have to carry out single payments for repayment of overdraft?

No, You don’t have to do it. Overdraft is repaid automatically when You receive some money on the account.

Is fee provided for setting the overdraft?

The fee, in the amount of 0,08% of the set limit, is provided for setting the overdraft (for one month of a loan product providing).