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Overdraft "Light"

  • Financing short-term business needs
  • The limit amount is always at hand in your account
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Loan conditions

Maximum loan amount

1 million UAH (up to 35% of the current account turnover)

Minimum loan amount

100 thousand UAH

Loan term

12 months

Usage period

30 days

Annual rate


Monthly fee

0.5% of the maximum sample amount for the previous month


owners guarantee

Issuance сommission

no commission

Loan processing

3 days

  • Available for the new bank customers
  • Minimum package of documents
  • Quick decision making
  • Simple registration of the contract
  • No issuance fee (no costs for opening a limit)
  • No collateral
  • Automatic increase of the limit when increasing the flow
  • Automatic repayment when receiving funds to the account
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40 of 100 largest companies in Ukraine trust us

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