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Agrarians, replenish the working capital

  • purchasing of seeds and crop protection products
  • obtaining of funds for sowing or harvesting campaign
  • financing of the current operating activity on special conditions
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You can get financing



fee for a loan product providing


annual rate 

from 15%

format of financing 

credit line


up to 36 months
(with an annual repayment the limit and renewal)


real estate, equipment, guarantee of a business owner, property rights on deposit

FUIB is a reliable partner

Top 5 banks by volume of documentary operations

40 of 100 largest companies in Ukraine trust us

More than 15 years on leading positions in documentary business

We answer Your questions
Can I get a credit if I am engaged in crop production?

Yes, You can, on condition that this business area is the major one and takes at least 70% in the volume of Your annual revenue.

Can I use the credit funds for the sowing or harvesting campaign?

Yes. You can use the credit funds for these purposes.