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Get financing on deposit

  • the minimum set of documents
  • quick decision on the granting of a credit
  • financing both in local currency and in foreign currency*
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Get extra funds


UAH, US dollar, euro*


up to 90% of funds at deposit account



Format of financing 

nonrenewable/renewable line


up to 24 months - if the currencies of a credit and deposit match

up to 12 months - if the credits and deposits are in various currencies


property rights for the deposit

*Financing in USD and EUR is possible only if a client has deposits in these currencies.

FUIB is a reliable partner

Top 5 banks by volume of documentary operations

40 of 100 largest companies in Ukraine trust us

More than 15 years on leading positions in documentary business

We answer Your questions
What kind of deposits can be used as a pledge?

It can be the deposits both individuals and legal entities opened in JSC FUIB. The term of a deposit has to exceed the term of the creadit agreement expiration at least 3 banking days. The deposits in foreign currency USD/EUR can be accepted as a pledge on credits only in USD/EUR, the deposits in UAH are accepted as a pledge on credits in UAH.

Can it be a provision of several deposits?

Yes, several deposits is possible, including from different depositors.

What amount can I get?

You can get up to 90% of the amount on the deposit.

Where should I apply for drawing up a credit?

You should apply to the nearest department of the bank FUIB.

What commission should be paid for getting funds?

The credit on deposit is provided without fee.

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