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Use an effective alternative of crediting

  • The guarantee of payment obligations fulfillment
  • The guarantee of advance repayment
  • The guarantee of contractual obligations fulfillment
  • The tender guarantee
  • The guarantee on deposit


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Implementation of
payment obligations

Implementation of
contractual obligations

Advance repayment

For the tender

Documentary letter of credit


Obtaining/increasing of the commodity credit (deferment of payment) from a seller

Obtaining of the full amount financing of the contract

Obtaining of an advance on a contract

Participation in the tender

Imports of goods/services


Buy the goods on the terms of payment deferment, without using Your own or borrowed funds.

Reduce the financial costs

Use an alternative financing of the amount within 5-15% of the contract value at lower rates in comparison with a conventional credit

Get the advance payments from Your customers on the contract, using them for production of the goods or services

Become a member of the tender on purchasing of the goods or services by the following requirements of the national or international law on granting of this guarantee

Completely refuse the advance payments or reduce their amount to 10-15% of the contract.

Reduce the risk of low-quality goods supply, nearly to zero


Calculate the benefits of the Warrantee on bail

Take advantage
Warranty expenses
131,50 UAH
Income on deposits
131,50 UAH
Benefits of the warrantee on bail of property rights on deposit
131,50 UAH
Specified profit for the period is equal to the period of deferred payment
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Calculate the benefits of Warranties in comparison with classical crediting

Feel the benefits of credit
Expenses for goods with credit
131,50 UAH
Expenses for goods under guarantees
131,50 UAH
Credit is more favorable on
131,50 UAH