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Flexible deposits

  • Easily replenish online and earn on the interest
  • Earn extra income from temporarily surplus funds
  • Adjust the costs for CSS
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Choose Your version of earnings
  • Compensate the costs of CSS
  • Earn as on deposit
  • The account “Profitable”

    Get extra income on the basic current account of the enterprise in the form of interest accrued on the balance:

    • Get the interest income from the balance more than UAH 20 000
    • Earn up to 8% per annum
    • Use the account without restrictions
    • Get daily steady income from current accounts
    • Differentiated interest rate depends on fund balance at the end of the day
    • There are no restrictions on the conduct of business

    Terms in details (PDF)

  • The balance “Stable”

    Just block any amount on the account at any time and receive an income:

    • Earn on permanent fund balances without drawing up a deposit
    • Use Your account without restrictions
    • Funds on the current account with the deposit yield
    • Income exceeds the market - up to 9% per annum

    Terms in details (PDF)


    How it works

Do You have any questions?
Do You have any questions?
  • Do You have any questions?
    Step 1

    Fill in the application form on the website

  • Do You have any questions?
    Step 2

    A representative of the bank FUIB will call to a specified phone number and answer all Your questions

  • Do You have any questions?
    Step 3

    If You wish, he will register an order or make an appointment

або просто розмістіть депозит онлайн у інтернет-банкінгу ПУМБ Online, якщо Ви вже є клієнтом ПУМБ

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FUIB is a reliable partner

UAH 4.6 billion is the amount of deposits of business-clients (August 2016)

UAH 370 000 - the average amount of business-deposits

UAH 202 million - the amount of paid interest in six months

We answer Your questions
How can I reduce the maintenance costs in the bank?

Use the account “Profitable” and You will be able to compensate at least part of Your expenses by accrued interest on this account.

I keep a large balance on the account. What FUIB can offer me to do with this money besides a deposit?

Use the balance “Stable” - as the interest on the deposit, but the money is always at Your disposal without freezing.