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Classical deposits

  • Earn on temporarily free funds
  • Accumulate large amounts
  • Keep the funds securely
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With replenishment





Preterm withdrawal of separate tranche




Minimum amount, UAH

10 000


10 000

The payment of interest is provided for all classical deposits: monthly/quarterly/at the end of the term

FUIB is a reliable partner

UAH 4.6 billion is the deposits amount of business-clients (August 2016)

UAH 370 000 is the average amount of business-deposits

UAH 202 million is the amount of paid interest in six months

We answer Your questions
I put the money in parts, but I will need them all on a certain date, what deposit should I choose?

Choose a deposit with replenishment. Moreover, the deposit and all its replenishment terminate at the same term.

I want to place different amounts on different terms, and have the possibility to withdraw some of them without loss of interest on the other.

The deposit “Flexible” will be right for You. When You open this deposit You can place different amounts (tranches) on various dates (within the primary term of a deposit). It will allow You to manage Your savings precisely in time. In addition, if You require in some amount ahead of its termination, you will be able to take it ahead of schedule, without consequences for the other tranches, where the interest at the full rate will be enrolled.