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Працюємо для вас

Receive the card payment

  • No shortage at the cash register
  • No fake and worthless notes
  • No holograph encashment
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Set POS-terminal in Your shop

We will provide You everything You need:       

  • POS-terminals                
  • Consumable materials for them                
  • Carry out the staff training                
  • Support of the whole service process                
How to make money from it

Growth of sales
Cardholders – clients with a high income and a great size of check


Reducing of costs
no need to bring the revenue to the bank or order an encashment

money is immediately at hand, to pay for the next batch of goods


money is enrolled on the account, without fakes and shortages

Accept payment by card in online store
  • Develop
  • Advantages
  • Safety
    • receive up to 30% of new clients
    • sell even at night and at the weekend
    • clients from all parts of Ukraine
    • reduce the expenses for servicing of cash
    • comfortable statistics of revenues
    • use the human factor of "impulsive purchases" in Your favor
    • free connection
    • payment by all cards Mastercard and Visa
    • branding of system for Your store
    • technical support 24/7
    • prepared modules on popular CMS
    • FUIB is regularly engaged in international audit of storage security and processing of BOD (Germany)
    • A customer inputs the data on a secure server of the bank
    • Payments are protected by the system 3-D Secure. The payment should be confirmed by the SMS code from the phone of the cardholder
    • All transactions are protected by cryptographic encryption system Secure socket layer (ssl/tls)
    • Highly effective fraud prevention system Antifraud

How do I pay in the Internet?

The customer chooses a product or service of Your shop

Clicking "pay the order", choose the payment method "payment card"

Switch to the secure payment page of the Bank and input the data of the card. The Bank checks – whether there is some money. Then it writes off the money from the client’s card.
You receive a message that the payment was received.
You can send the goods to Your client

The next banking day, the Bank transfers all payments, which were from 00:00 to 23:59, in one sum to Your account + sends the register on these transactions in excel, xml formats 

How to connect the internet acquiring?
  • Simple connection scheme
  • API
  • You sign a contract for connection + provide the necessary documents


    Integrate the module into Your website and get access to Your personal cabinet


    Using our service support with any questions


    Increase Your income and the number of clients

We answer Your questions
How can I order trade acquiring?

Contact a department of FUIB and make an agreement on trade acquiring. Alternatively, plug in the tariff package "Trading" and get one free terminal.

What is the fee for POS-terminal?

One POS-terminal is included for free in the tariff package "Trading". Each subsequent is UAH 300 per month. We provide all consumables for free.

What is the commission for the payments?

From 2% - on all cards.

What will happen if I fail to comply with the decree of Cabinet of Ministers on mandatory POS-terminal?

On the part of the tax inspection is possible the application of penalties.

Servicing of POS-terminals in offices in the RC. Kyiv

We draw your attention to the fact that in the branches of the RC in Kiev (including the branchs in Chernigov, Zhitomir, Cherkassy, Uman, Belaya Tserkov, Vinnitsa, Borispol, Priluki), service maintenance (including provision of consumables and component parts) of POS - terminal equipment is provided by LLC «Servus Systems Integration».


Free support line of the service company: tel. 0 800 219 321