Accept card payments

  • No shortage in the cashbox
  • No fake and unusable notes
  • No self-encashment

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Set a POS terminal in your store

We will provide you with everything you need:    

  • POS terminals       
  • consumables for them               
  • staff training            
  • maintenance of the entire service process           

How to make money with it

  • Sales increase
    cardholders are high-income customers with a large check
  • Cost reduction
    no need to bring revenue to the bank or order encashment
  • Convenience
    money immediately at hand for payment next batch of goods
  • Safety
    money is quickly credited to the account without fakes and shortages

Accept card payments in an online store

  • Develop
  • Advantages
  • Safety
  • receive + 30% of new customers
  • sell even at night and at weekends
  • customers from all over Ukraine
  • reduce cash maintenance costs
  • convenient revenue statistics
  • use the human “impulse purchase” factor to your advantage


How does online payment work?

  • The customer selects the product or service of your store
  • Presses the button "pay for the order", select the payment method "payment card"
  • He goes to the secure payment page of the Bank and enters the card details. The bank checks whether there are funds on it. Then it withdraws them from the customer’s card. You receive a message that the payment has been received. Then, you can send the goods to the customer
  • On the next banking day, the Bank transfers to your account in one amount all payments that took place from 00:00 to 23:59 + sends the register for these transactions in excel, xml formats

How can you connect internet acquiring?

  • A simple scheme of connection
  • Prepared CMS modules
  • API

You sign a connection agreement + provide the necessary documents


Integrate the finished module into your website and get access to your personal account


Use our service support for any questions


Increase your income and number of customers

Files for downloading:

  • Internet Acquiring
  • PayHub payment acceptance